1-Mirror flip reminder alert 2-Brush usage recorder in Doc properties

A mirror flip reminder alert timer. I can’t be the only one to forget to flip the canvas every now and then. Set the amount of time to your preference. Every Xmin the mirror flip reminder goes off. How IDK pop up, electroshock whatever??? Reminding artist to press that M button and take notice of any glaring mistakes/happy accidents. I have no programming skills whatsoever, but if I did… Also in Document properties maybe they can put a brush usage recorder. I have so many brushes and I experiment with them. Then I save the file and open it months even years later and think, how did I do that? So if I could open such a file and go to document properties and it could list the time, layer and brush used. Cause I’m a mess ya know. Anyway no big deal. I think it would be useful. Thanks Krita org rocks #1