2+3-Digt Frame Counter Generator .kra File

This is a resource drop with a description of what it is, what it does and how to use it.

After reading this topic: Frame counter, I thought it would be interesting to make a frame counter generator so I did.
@Vicent and @ahmet_tabak may be interested in this.

It has three frame counting digits for 000 → 999 and two leading digits for ‘tens of thousands’ and ‘thousands’.
The leading digits can be manually selected to be blank or any digit from 0 → 9.
(This might be regarded as excessive but it was easy enough to do it so I did.)

The separator character can be comma or dot or be removed.
The backround rectangle size can be changed to match this.

Here it is, animated from frame 0 to frame 999 at 24 fps (it’s boring to watch):

In use, the output will be a Rendered .png image sequence of size 376 x 100 pixels which I thought was a reasonable size to be inserted into a 1920 x 1080 animation.

The .png sequence would be imported using File → Import animation frames, using a suitable ‘Start at’ value to match the actual start frame number.

The animated count can be anywhere in the range 000 → 999. If you want to go over the 999 → 000 transition, you have to do it in two parts with appropriate manual changes to the first two digits for each part.
(If anybody actually uses the first digit, I’d like to know :slight_smile: )

A transform mask can be applied to the imported frames to resize the counter and to move it where wanted in the project canvas.

Do not try to Flatten the layer to incorporate the transform mask (if you use one).
There is a problem with that which has been formally reported already.

Here is a sequence of 800 counting frames imported into a previous animation I made with frame 576 selected.

As you can see, there’s a transform mask added to the imported layer to make the counter smaller and place it at the bottom in the middle of the frame.

The full 000 → 999 animated .png sequence is only 8MB on disk so it’s not a big load and it renders out quite quickly as well, even on my old PC.

Here is the counter generator file structure:

I’ve set the ‘tens of thousands’ digit to 5 (details not shown) and you can see how I’ve set the ‘thousands’ digit to 2 by selecting the appropraie transform mask and only one mask out of the available ones in that group.

The colour of the digits can be adjusted by changing the Properties of the Filter Mask at the top, as can the opacity by changing the opacity of the ‘Digits Display’ layer.
The colour of the background and its opacity can be changed similarly.
The background can be 5, 4 or 3 digits wide by selecting the appropriate layer.

Here is the generator file (407 kB download):

I strongly recommend that you don’t try making any modifications, except to select the options as indicated in the layer names.

If you have experience with making animations then it should be easy enough to use it but I’ll be happy to give advice if you get stuck with anything. Enjoy!