2 x ctrl-x crashes krita-5.0.0-beta1-x86_64.appimage

Pop!_OS 21.04
AMD® Ryzen 7 1700 eight-core processor × 16
15,6 GiB
NVIDIA Corporation TU104 [GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER]

ASSERT (krita): "root->parent() || inputNodes.isEmpty()" in file /home/appimage/workspace/Krita_Release_Appimage_Build/krita/libs/image/kis_layer_utils.cpp, line 1536
Aborted (core dumped)

Maybe a known bug?

It’s is getting kind of annoying because I often mistype ctrl-x instead of ctrl-z.

It happens with the 5.0.0-beta2 and the Oct 09 5.1.0-prealpha appimages as well.
I also had a crash following that when creating a new image from the clipboard, which seems related.
This does not happen with the 4.4.8 appimage.

I don’t think it’s been reported, after a quick look.
I suggest that you raise a formal bug report and post a link to it here.

I’ll be able to Confirm it early tomorrow, unless somebody else does that before then.

Have you noticed any particular conditions when it happens?

I tried it three times in a row before posting, just starting Krita and accepting the recovery of a simple two layer image.

Then I painted a little bit and now it doesn’t crash any more.

For me it was two times Ctrl+X, with painted content on the layer but no selection. If there was a selection then it didn’t crash after multiple Ctrl+X.

I suggest that you explore various actions and ‘pathways’ to get more information about it. I’ll do the same later.

Just a new image seems to be enough to trigger the event.

Here’s the bug report: 443610 – Pressing ctrl-x twice crashes Krita