22.07.31. Sketch

Krita - 22-07-31 - digital painting - YouTube
Krita - 22-07-31 - digital painting - part 2 - YouTube
Krita - 22-07-31 - digital painting - part 3 - YouTube


Very good!

Maybe the hand is a little bit too large?

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Thanks! Yes, it seems to be something like that in the reference picture as well. (in the meantime, I uploaded a process video if you are interested).

Interesting! I see now that it’s her lower arm is a little bit too short. Weird how such small things can alter the perception so that a hand seems larger than it actually is. :slight_smile:

Gif animation

[animate output image]

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Yes, unfortunately I can already see it. The problem is that I always let my pictures go “on their way” too soon, instead of waiting a bit and noticing their mistakes with a clear head. Unfortunately, I’m impatient… Well, maybe, bring me closer… :smiley:

Maybe a little better…

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I think so!

And the important thing isn’t that it turns out perfect, it’s that you enjoy the process and maybe learn something from it. :slight_smile:

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