3 months away from Cipango

Made today, from an old drawing I was disappointed of^^


I like that you came back to something that felt unfulfilled and tried something new with it. I have a couple like that. Everytime I see them I feel to pull to do something, but so far I’ve been too apprehensive to make the attempt. Maybe tonight is the night to brave the storm …

Yep it was a step for me too, taking the time to be used to Krita. I don’t draw often so it took me a moment (9 months +).

Now I really want, and I’m able to improve a lot of my old ones ; I started with some others but this one took my attention and I did it quite quickly. It’s really pleasant when you found the one you want to improve

I wish you a good enjoyment doing it ! This storm is a rainbow once into it :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, here is the « original »… x) Helped me seeing the image in my head but I needed more : )