30 Days Of Krita (Suggestion for art challenge)

Hey there! I was just wondering if something like SculptJanuary could be done for Krita! Maybe organizing a small event in Krita Artists with a prompt for every day for a month.

Do you guys think something like that could work well here?


I think if the subject is not too complex it could be a good exercise.

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Nice idea, I would like to amend it a bit. If possible can we order the prompts in a way, so that someone new to Krita would learn most of the features offered by Krita at the end of Day 30?
So essentially every prompt has a couple of hints about features which would make drawing something related to the given prompt easier. We could also attach videos about the related features for ease of learning.

For example for assistants would really help with something related to perspective. Or you got to adjust some aspect of a specific brush to get the effect required.

Though take it with a grain of salt, since I am not an artists by any means.


That’s actually an interesting concept. I wasn’t thinking quite like that, in my mind the prompts were more open-ended, like the work “balloon”, or “thinking” or “forgery”. Things that would spark the creative mind, so to say!

However, I gotta say I love your addition. We could make it as an extra challenge! Like “forgery”, extra points if you use assistants! It wouldn’t be a restriction per se, but it would entice people that weren’t aware of those tools. What do you think?

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I would wait for @raghukamath’s input, :upside_down_face:

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This is the only way I can imagine that would work. Because what tools you use depends so much on the art style that even when giving very specific prompts, people’s workflows will be very different. Could be a fun challenge though to try to change your style/workflow to use a certain tool.

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Precisely, agree wholeheartedly. This would be more of an incentive to make people step out of their comfort zone, and maybe discover organically workflow improvements.

I am okay with this. The idea is good. whatever you guys decide let me know the plans, i can even give certain mod rights to volunteers who can conduct this exercise.

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Awesome! I have a doubt though, I’m not sure how we do this using the forum’s structure. Do we make a long thread, and pin that, or do we make a thread for each day? That would probably lead to a huge spam, but a better overall organization.

I ask this because people might join in on later days, which could lead to some confusion if we would want to see the works of a specific day maybe. In my opinion it should be just a single thread for all the works. What do you guys think?

Thread for each day would be okay i think. It can be posted in the #contest-games-collab category

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Uuh, that could work! However, I still think there should be a pin redirecting to that category maybe. I don’t think I ever used that category, just used the main page for everything, there could be plenty of other people like me.

i mean the topic for the day can be just added to that category. The topic however will stay on the latest topic list like all other topics on the site.

Maybe a new thread once a week? or after 0, 10 and 20 days? to not take all 30 days in one thread but also not make 30 threads…

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Yup, that also seems like a good balance.

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this, and what do you guys think of these themes? I tried to leave them vague enough to spark creativity, but I’m open to suggestions!

Day 1 - Boldness
Day 2 - Forgery
Day 3 - Reflection
Day 4 - Frame
Day 5 - Light
Day 6 - Connection
Day 7 - Speed
Day 8 - Spelunking
Day 9 - Smooth
Day 10 - Reveal
Day 11 - Fall
Day 12 - Silhouette
Day 13 - Spark
Day 14 - Leap
Day 15 - Liquid
Day 16 - Treasure
Day 17 - Plane
Day 18 - Revolution
Day 19 - Shadow
Day 20 - Muscle
Day 21 - Elastic
Day 22 - Bones
Day 23 - Imagination
Day 24 - Electrical
Day 25 - Remote
Day 26 - Pride
Day 27 - Tilt
Day 28 - Familiar
Day 29 - Language
Day 30 - Happiness

Again, any suggestions are welcome!


maybe name #MyKrita or #MayKrita what do you think?

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What if we could do this in April?

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May have one day too many! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you guys think we can do this is in April, or should we just save it for may?

We can do it now, everyone needs a bit of distraction :slight_smile: We need a coordinator though. Do you want to become one? (Make those 1 for 7 days posts with clear titles etc. - we can move comments if they’re posted wrongly)?

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