3D object rendered inside Krita using GMIC

I know many people here wait for actual basic 3D in Krita to easily reference 3D objects and perspective and human dolls and whatnot…

But thanks to @Deevad I’ve noticed that Krita already has some 3D capabilities thanks to GMIC! I’m not sure which version of Krita is the oldest with this addition, but if you start the recent 5.1.0-RC1 version: First Release Candidate of Krita 5.1.0 is out | Krita you will for sure be able to find it.

You can just write “3D Mesh” in the filter box or find it in the Rendering category.


  • it seems to work only on already opaque layers (already filled with white, for example; but green works too, so I guess green screening is possible)
  • only one object at a time
  • very basic and not very convenient operations on the object
  • no way to change the object (so, no doll-like manipulations of the body etc.)
  • it only accepts .obj, .off and .gmz - at least one of them supports at least some basic textures, but I’m not sure which, I don’t think it’s .obj though

I hope it is useful for someone, though!

Btw talking about G’MIC, I also noticed also the following filters that might be interesting for artists:


I need to check that out. I might be day dreaming but if it is able to paint on the mesh itself I will be extremely happy and probably set.

It just renders it to a layer. And the layer must be opaque beforehand, even.

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I looked for this “Face generator” and didn’t find it… then I realized that your G´Mic is version 3.1.4, while mine is 3.0.2. It gives an error when I try to update…

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Which version of Krita are you using? I used the 5.0.0-RC1 version on Linux (appimage). I think the Windows version should have the new GMIC as well. (RC1 means “release candidate 1”, as in, we hope it will be good enough to release :slight_smile: ).

It’s called “Generate Random Portrait”.
There may be a problem because I crashed the 5.1.0-RC1 appimage while switching from the random portrait to the 3D mesh. Now, no GMIC filters work.
However, that was in the common environment where all versions run when I try them.
If I set it up with an isolated home folder, i.e. brand new everything, it works fine.

I’ll look into this tomorrow.

Are you sure you haven’t try to do it on an empty layer? It seems to cause issues… I think those filters are still kinda new. Maybe not as crash-free as others. Or, I don’t know…

Krita 5.0.6 in Windows 10. I looked for the terms “generate” and “random”: G’Mic didn’t return anything…

Then maybe you just need to either download the RC1 version or wait until it’s fully released as 5.1.0 :slight_smile:

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I might have but I can use an empty layer with the isolated environment and it doesn’t crash then other filters work fine after that. I’ll keep digging around.

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It’s probably not related to my observations but i got this out of the Generate Random Portrait filter:

She may have read that cabbage leaves contain poweful anti-oxidants and soothing natural compounds or something like that.


So folks…

There was a new version of G´Mic (3.1.5) for Gimp and I installed it. The “Generator portrait” is there and it worked fine. What really interested me was a filter, the Construction Material Texture:

I did a quick test in Gimp with a text. Just adding some gradients, editing with layer masks, gives an interesting effect. This can be done easily in Krita, too:

Anyone who wants to see the Gimp file can download it here.

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