4.2.9 Multiple freezing issues


Hope this is the right place to post this. Wondered if any one else was having similar issues. I did a search on google but couldn’t find anything that fully matched my problems. I only found solutions to older versions.

Anyway, I recently updated to krita 4.2.9 and now I get the following issues:

  1. Freezing when zooming out on canvas.

  2. Freezing when changing brushes/ brush size/ brush opacity.

  3. Freezing when switching/adding layers.

  4. Lag on brush strokes.

Freezes and brush stokes lag last on average about 15-20 seconds.

These issues seem to occur if I go over 1 gb of memory used.

It should be noted that I do use a large canvas and multple layers. However, my memory usage is still in the green when these issue appear and I used to be able to almost max out memory usage without any of these issues on previous versions.

I do not think it is my hardware as I have no problems with other art programmes. Everything on my system is updated to the latest drivers and there is no conflict with my antivirus software.

Wondering if I should just reinstall an older version or if there is a fix.

My hardware specs and OS are:

Windows 10
I7 6700k
GTX 1070
16gb ram
All harddrives are SSDs

Sorry again if this is the wrong place or I have stupidly missed something.

Thanks in advance for you time reading this.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It does look like there should be no problems with your computer or with what you’re actually doing.
Before going any deeper into this, can you try the 4.3.0 beta-1 which is available for download now, to see if there is still a problem.
The links for it are in this article:

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One thing you can check is, in preferences, to see if graphics acceleration is checked.
If it’s not checked it might be the reason of lags.
If already checked… :thinking:


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Hi AhabGreybeard,

Thank you for the welcome and quick response.

Huzzah! Updating to the beta completely fixed all my issues! :smile:

I can’t believe I missed there was an open beta for a new version. Going to blame that on going slightly bonkers from being stuck indoors for so long.

Hi Grumm999,

Yeah that was my first thought too. Went through all my settings to make sure they were as they should be. When I updated an older version last year, all my settings got reset. Hoped that was the case this time but unfortunately it wasn’t. :disappointed:

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