5.0 beta - problems noticed so far

I downloaded it about a week ago and I noticed something small but annoying. Sometimes when I start Krita it does not recognize shortcuts.

For example I zoom in and out with Ctrl and +/- , Krita shows me at the bottom, that the buttons are pressed, but otherwise it doesn’t react. Shortly even the rightclick didn’t work, not opening the palette or doing anything else and no shortcuts worked at all. Restarting Krita helps… sometimes need to restart it more than once until it works again.

Another problem I had was when I was trying to use the Bokeh feature from the G’MIC-Qt. The preview loaded endlessly. When I switched to another effect and back, the preview worked, but was very pixelated. When I applied it, Krita crashed. It happened several times in a row, even after restarting Krita.

Hope it helps to improve Krita 5.0 :smiley: Will answer here, if I detect more problems.

Ow, and if I may also give wishes: It would be nice if I could place the order of the brushes in the rightlick palette manually via drag and drop or so.

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What version was it? Beta1? Beta2? Or Krita Plus?

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Could you please download Krita Plus from the website and check if those problems still happen there?

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Ok, installed Krita+ now, first start seems to be fine. But as the shortcut-problem does not always happen, I will see during the next days and will tell, if it happens again or not.

About the effect problem: Just tried it and worked fine, seemed to be even faster than usual :smiley:

Thank you for the fast answer btw.
(and sorry if my english is bad, not a native english speaker here)


I agree. You might want to stay on the nightly builds if you’re testing. There are so many bugs fixed there already and from my experience so far performance is rock solid.

Ok here I am again.

The problem with not recognizing shortcuts happened again now and then. Also I was not able to drag and drop an image file into Krita when it was in this state and when I clicked a .kra file, while Krita was open already, it opened Krita again, so it was open twice.

And btw Krita needs very long to load. (Already did with the 1st beta)

Hm, I wonder about that, your computer specs are quite ok, did you possibly install/activate a lot of additional resources and plugins in Krita? That’s what slows Krita down a lot in test installations on my PC. I was curious and installed all bundles, presets, brush tips, patterns and so on, so all I own in Krita for this. Krita 4 “suffers” from this more than Krita 5, but both versions remain usable for me, it all feels like running into a wall of soft rubber then.
But these are only test installations.


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I have a hand full of selfmade brushes. Fizzy flowers brush preset pack and some few from another friend and a hand full of textures… no plugins or something. Can’t imagine it’s to much to load so long. And its the same stuff I had in pre 5 Krita. It wasn’t ever and instant open, but it didn’t load THAT long.