8 glossy tablet buttons

I’ve a nice tablet, with 8 glossy buttons…and I need most of them.

The problem is, they feel all the same on Touch… Glossy…
It would be helpful if each one of these buttons had its own haptic symbol, like some braille board :laughing:

Of course we don’t look at the tablet but at screen with tablets.

to get some ideas I ask you to tell me your ideas,
what minimalistic symbols would you etch on the buttons?

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Playstation controller icons could be a start.


I have been thinking about this too with the same idea in mind. But so far I have missed to suggest this to Wacom.
It defenetely would be great thing to have something like that.

Maybe some cut stickers do the trick as well.
To try out before im gonna etch something permanently, and then just on 2 buttons, to feel where the upper row of buttons finish and the lower row starts

Yeah funny, even conventional keyboards (apple in my case) have all buttons flat, with exception of the j and f button, both have some relief.