90% of drawing in front of layers

I am drawing a coat of arms.
I started with a simple blank shield and when finished, I made the layer invisible while I drew a snake. Once I finished with the snake and made the shield visible, I noticed that the body of the snake worked perfect when putting above the shield layer, but the rules do not apply when it comes to the head.
I have changed a few things but the results are the same, only the body goes in front and behind a layer, but the head will always remain behind the layer.

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Please post a full screen screenshot (.png) with the layers docker visible, showing as many layers as you can.

One obvious point I’d make is that the snake is black and the shield is black so you can’t tell them apart.
Try making the snake grey or transform/scale it down so it fits inside the shield boundaries.
It’s unusual to have shield decorations going outside of the shield boundaries, I’d have thought.

Hello, I am a black/white artist.

Yes, it is unusual to have the decorations outside of the boundaries, but I am trying to understand why only the head will not go in front of the shield like the rest of the body?

I may run into this problem in the future with other artwork and want to understand how to fix this to apply as an advantage.

I have upload an additional picture to see that you can tell the difference when the layer of the snake is in front or behind the layer of the shield.

Are you sure that the eyes and fangs of the snake have been painted in white and not erased to show the white background?
(Since the ‘background’ layer is turned off and the canvas is still white, I assume you created the image with ‘background as canvas colour’, otherwise the checkerboard pattern would be showing.)

Try turning on the background layer and flood filling it with green to see what happens to the snake, with the shield turned off so you can see its eyes and fangs.

It looks like not all the white is actually painted white. Some of it is just transparency that appears white because of the white background. You can even see this on your own screenshot. when you look at the lower one the tooth of the lower jaw is still visible on the outline of the shield because it is actually painted white, just like the belly scales but everything else is just transparency that appears white. I advice to always enable the checkered pattern for transparency on the canvas.

Thank you for the advise…

When tuning on the background and filling the layer in green, turning off the shield I see the head and other parts in green.

I painted with the color white and erased on layers with a white background, as to why I could not identify the problem.

How do I enable the background to be checkered pattern for transparency on the canvas that I am currently working on, I do know how to set it up in the beginning.

I’m surprised it is plain white for you because that’s not the default, when I remember correctly.
You can enable it in Krita Settings. Click on Settings » Configure Krita » Display, then switch to the Grid Settings Tab. There you can chose two colors for the checkered pattern and even a size. When you mainly work with black and white you probably want to sett it to something that is not gray end white (which it usually is).

Thank you both for your advice…
I now understand what I did to cause this problem, and how to fix it.

Also, when making a new image, make sure the settings are as shown here:

Confusion about transparency is often caused by using the ‘As canvas colour’ option.