A Common Krita Dilemna

I can’t be the only Krita user that has experienced this problem before.



Yes, occurred to me so many times :weary:



I mean uhhh, yes I’m glad I’m not the only one after all.

I think we can find other users here for which it already occurred, and can organize a giant worldwide event, like a giant anonymous alcoholic meeting but in mode “anonymous users who have already drawn on wrong layer and reach the undo limits meeting”

On my side, undo stack size is now set to 350…


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wish: unlimited forgiveness (a.k.a. undo).

Failing that, a feature idea : when the stack is full or nearly so, merge similar events near the bottom of the stack into one, especially brush strokes.

Failing that: I hear and feel your pain, and raise a virtual glass of your favourite libation in shared sorrow.

Go to: Settings > General > Miscellaneous

“Undo stack size” set it to 0 to the undo history be unlimited

We had that one before :smiley: There is still a few versions of Krita out there that have unlimited undo. Some haters complained though, something about “big lag after a half an hour of drawing” or some other stuff… :stuck_out_tongue: Turned out, unlimited undo stack has its downsides. The data needs to be stored somewhere, in the worst case they’re stored on the hard drive… and still it can crash at some point if the swap file size limit is exhausted.


And next step: just accept your wrongs and go forward :woman_in_lotus_position:


It’s krita’s way of hitting you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper if you do something wrong.

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Honestly I do not like the title. This happens in all Painting and Photo editing software!
This situation are mostly a experience mistake, but I understand your frustration.
As solution you already have from other users.
Edit: Always save different stages in different files. This is my 5 cent

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Not in Micros*ft Paint :joy:

More seriously, I don’t think here @MisterOutcast is doing a critic of Krita.
The funny strip is just a way to express a feeling about something that occurred to many of us I think.
And this strip make me laugh because I recognized me in it.

Of course, this happens will all painting software (with layer support) and only user is responsible of this situation, not software
I don’t think it’s related to experience… beginners and pro, I’m sure, sometimes make this mistake.
Being tired, hurry, talking while drawing, or any other reason made that sometime, you’re not aware you’re on the wrong layer.
That’s all :slight_smile:

Anyway, this strip is really funny to me :slight_smile:


Use save incremental? It’s what I do myself…

@Grum999 - Not in Micros*ft Paint :joy:
I am to serious right now :smiley:
It is related to experience, because will not happen in time too often. My layers number still above 300 :)))))))))))))))))

There is one technique that I saw one guy on Youtube doing…

He would change the blend mode of the current layer. When he accidentally draw in a wrong layer he would notice the change of tone in the strokes. Not a perfect solution though… Specially if you are constantly switching between several layers.

I wish there were some UI features that helped to prevent this. But that is a problem with any digital drawing software by the way.

undo > 300 or > 500 works for me.

Wrong layer? I habitually merge things down to one layer anyway.

Kidding, I get you. When I do things that really require separate layers to be kept, I try to cultivate a habit of locking layers when I am not working on them. Can’t say it’s 100% successful, but it does help.