a dragon type thingy

I’ve been trying to work on getting more realistic with my drawings, at the moment I’m trying to add more muscular structure instead of it being straight lines. I think the wings will be the hardest to get because there pretty big.

any tips?


That’s a great start. I really like the sweeping shapes in this. I’m not a great help with this kind of thing but I felt compelled to comment on how good it is looking. :+1:

I like the face and basic structural layout and proportions. Consider the pose. It is very static, like a Pointer dog

So it lends itself to something more like a statue, than a living creature. Have a look at other animals in poses. The orientation and movement of the body to the viewer can add a bunch of subtext to the scene.

Also consider what the environment will add. It may change the dragons pose a bunch, say if it’s on a cliffside as opposed to a grassy lawn.

I think your shapes and forms are good and accurate to its body type as is. Looking forward to more from this.

Poses that show dynamics of body and foreshortening:
alligator chunkr
tiger pose

yeah, I was maybe thinking that it was hunting or sumthin and it was seen by prey, but yeah I can agree that it’s static. thanks for the tips!