A few miniatures of latest art add on the front page or next to a post?

On the front page (or anywhere else) you can only see the featured art.

For an art focused forum isn’t that a bit too little? Wouldn’t it make some sense to show a small miniature for the latest posts too, just something small to attract more attention to the posts?

It doesn’t have to be as large as featured pictures just a small picture or part of a picture next to the post title name or something similar.

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

You can see all latest here: https://krita-artists.org/c/artwork or here: https://krita-artists.org/c/artwork/5/l/top for the top ones.

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I figured out some time ago, that you can click on the tag (like ‘finished art’, or ‘featured art’) to get to the gallery of all artworks that belong to the category.

Yeah I know you can go through I just think it would be nice for the front to have some incense to make people check the new pieces, titles are not that special for visual art, profile pics honestly not sure about that either (perhaps a small popup on mouse hover to see small window with some base content of posts in general similar to what wiki currently has for better orientation so you can decide whether it’s something you can help with or not),

Well it was just an idea to put some more interest for the front page nothing more :0

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Thanks for the idea, it is possible but I’ll check it out if it looks good since not all post are artworks , and having some artwork post and some text post make it a bit inconsistent. Also a correction this is not just art forum. This is also a forum for support and discussion. So there is a difference between this compared to places like art station or deviant art.

Yeah I know it’s not only art related but it’s certainly one the major parts and a pretty consistent one :slight_smile: .

The thing about featured art is that it’s stagnant it barely changes once in a long time while nothing really pushes the new art to be looked at. I believe the website could only benefit from displaying more art sure it doesn’t have to be every post as that’s part of clicking through the finished artwork and such but something to catch people’s attention for the new posts and definitely something that breaks the wall of text which is the front page right now - and brings more visual interest into it )there could even be another widget which showcases just the latest art and you could keep the side bar with latest posts as it is, sure figuring where to put it and how to style it might be a thing but there are options available ;-)).

Well, if anything I’d be happy to test things out if there is ever a needed for it.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the feedback. When I get free time I’ll check it out and consider your request. We feature artworks often times so it can’t be stagnant. And there is artwork category itself which is updated every time.


Also I was checking out the setting for the thumbnail plugin that provides us the options and sadly from a quick look it appears it doesn’t support thumbnailing on homepage. May be I missed it. but I enabled it for latest category and it doesn’t look good. Because as I said earlier post are not just only artwork and because of thumbnails the other support posts get less highlighted. But I surely will check if it can be done. However if it is burdensome to maintain and achieve I am not going to enable it.

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