A gift for my partner

Hi folks - first time poster here. I used to draw pictures for my partner as gifts but had got out of the way of it until I found Krita! I love being able to create a drawing with that ability to edit, correct and try again so easily!! For Christmas this year I worked on my first Krita drawing and learned so much along the way - it has inspired me to get back into creating art. So here she is - I’m glad to say my partner is delighted with this portrait of Madonna, and it’s now framed and on the wall of our living room.


Welcome to the community ADM70

Your painting looks amazing. This is an astonishing achievement if one consider that this is your first painting with Krita.

I’m keen to see your next one.

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Welcome to the forums, very nice rendering indeed.

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This is so good! I wish I could draw realistic drawings digitally. It’s just too hard for me to keep up with all the layers. I love how you shaded the hair.

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The skill is a lot more than the first drawing. 4 years at least experience to reach this level. Very cool work.

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what software did you make this art on

It was made using Krita