A.I. - Krita Illustration

Check out the painting process here:


Awesome sauce as always, that means it’s amazing.

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Amazing Work!

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Realism is something challenging. you ave done a very good job. cool!
A question that i have is about airbrushing in Krita. Do you think is good, or could be improved? and how? Thanks a lot for the feedback


Thanks for sharing


The only thing I have to say is: Woah… :open_mouth: :star_struck:

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Thank you @Sineater.

Thank you @EyeOdin

Thank you @RamonM. To answer your question, I think the airbrush in Krita is already good, I like it a lot.

Thanks @1112.


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That’s very well done! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

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Thanks @Ragnhild

It’s really realistic

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Great! it’s very motivational for me… :heart:

I was talking to @denjay5 sorry

Thank you Audrey.

Thank you Joshe.

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I really liked the video and the result, too :-). I’ve got one worry though: I see you’re using PSD as your working format, and I would really recommend to use KRA as the working format and PSD only as an interchange format.

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Thank you @halla and thanks for the suggestion. What’s the disadvantage of using PSD as a working format?