A little trick that makes color smudge brush smudges more naturally

I used to use easypaint tool SAI and its smudge effect is amazing. When I use krita I find that the wet circle brush is quite similar to SAI’s brush, but still a little different. After a lot of trying I find that toggling on the rotation and setting it with fuzzy dab can make smudge looks more natural, or, more like that in SAI. The difference is very small. I know that it seems make no sense to rotate a circle. I make the judgment mainly by my felling, so I’d like to share it with you to see if it really makes difference.

The setting is as follow:

And here’s a comparison of the rotation toggle on and off, the left one is with random rotation, and the right one is default:

To see the difference more clearly, I add an edge detection filter on it:

I roughly consider the right one has stronger edges. I would be grateful if someone would like to try it and tell me if there is a difference.


nice tips for making fluffy color. . .