A notice regarding hardware power consumption while painting

Since CSP brought the “brush shape” in its latest updates, I played more with it.
But then I noticed one more thing in comparison to Krita.
While painting, CSP will demand less hardware resources, this despite the fact that
it renders its brush strokes in realtime speed especially when the size is low(about 1-40 pixels).
I used just a simple hard round brush in both apps and decided to paint.
First, I inform you that my fan has three activity levels : low(1), mid(2) and high(3).
When I do pretty much nothing, fans are almost silent, this is the low level mode.
For most simple tasks, surfing the web, writing text, searching from windows search bar, etc, fans operate between level 1 and 2 and my CPU temp is within 60-70°C.
While painting in CSP with a hard round brush, even for a long time, temperature stays between 72-76°C and the fan stays at level 2.
While painting in Krita, CPU temp starts at around 72°C and quickly reaches 74°C and after a few minutes goes up to 85°C. The longer I paint again without stopping, the more the temperature raises, and goes past the 90°C cap if I don’t stop.

I don’t know why this is happening, but it feels like CSP is also optimized to be more efficient regarding resource consumption.

What are your thoughts on this matter ?

We can’t guess without knowing what type of round brush is used, and we also can’t guess what CSP is doing here since it is closed source. You can try to ask them in their forum about what they to optimize CPU usage or if they don’t use CPU or use GPU. They have an ask website -here

If you think Krita is using the CPU unnecessarily and increasing the temperature of the CPU to dangerous level then we need to test it. Upload the brush (.kpp) file so that others can test and see if their CPU is overused with the same brush. And yes please post document size and other details accurately. Otherwise, it is just a wild goose chase.

There’s no need to upload the brush as it’s simply the default round brush that was used.
Now settings which matter are as follows :

  • Opacity jitter is on and controled by pen pressure
  • Brush size isn’t affected by pen pressure
  • the tip has maximum roundness and maximum hardness
  • spacing value is : 0.15 (auto ticked off)
  • Flow is at 100% and not affected by pen pressure.

In CSP, I modified the “opaque watercolor brush” which also has the defaut round brush tip(not a texture used as custom brush) so that I could get the opacity affected by pen pressure.
Settings are equivalent here as well for the hardness, roundness, flow(density in CSP), spacing and brush size.

Also, I don’t think the brush is what causes the CPU temperature to raise but rather painting in general in Krita. Vs painting in general in CSP. :thinking:

File dimension is 4k for the test in both apps(height : 3840, width : 2160).

How big is the file dimension, height width?

Height : 3840, width : 2160

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