A Question about Luminosity/Shine (Sai) Blending Mode

Hi, I have been using Krita for a while and when the Luminosity/Shine (Sai) blending mode first came out in Krita 4.2.4, I loved it and created my “Strawberry-Kiwi Frog” using the mode for the eyes. I fell in love with the mode and have forever used it for my highlights, especially in the eyes. Recently, with the release of Krita 4.4.1, I have noticed that the effect is no longer the same as when it first came out, and the comparison is more easily seen in my latest piece “Chocolate Pineapple Cherry Monkey.”

I am using a Windows operating system on a desktop compter, and the XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro.

I wanted to know if there is a way to regain the same effect as when the mode first came out again or if there is a new mode that creates the same effect?

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Do you have the original .kra file (for any image you used this mode on)? Afaik I was the only person working on this blending mode and it has not changed. Are you sure you’re working with it the same way though? I remember it had some issues with alpha in some specific situations (which I haven’t resolved yet, unfortunately).

I have used the mode and the same way of drawing in all of my designs since the mode first came out, it only seems different in my recent drawings.
I do have the original kra. flies for both of the designs, how do I send them?

Thank you so much for responding to me so quickly!

Maybe you can share them using Google Drive or Dropbox? If not, there are some services that allows you to upload for 30 days or something, which is enough for this usecase. I hope it’s not too big though. Would be awesome if you added a .png picture of how it should look like, too.

Hi @tiar, I’m just curious to know if you found the solution to the blending mode effect.

Hm I’m not sure what we should pay attention to, I can’t really spot any difference between the PNG and the .kra files in Krita 4.4.1.

So no clue what could be wrong…nor do I remember anything that would’ve changed.

Only thing I remember is a bug with alpha inheritance when the underlying layers are partially transparent (see Painters we need help in testing - halos around strokes in "Inherit Alpha" layers with transparency ), but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

My question is that the Luminosity/Shine (Sai) layer is not creating the light effect that was in “Strawberry-Kiwi Frog’s” eyes, since in “Chocolate Pineapple Cherry Monkey” the Luminosity/Shine (Sai) layer is adding a transparent white, dulling the eyes, instead of the light effect like the frog’s eyes.

Eh you mean the effect that the highlight on the green eyes turn yellow before they turn white? That’s because green hits the maximum first, and when red keeps increasing, the color becomes yellow, and after red hits the maximum too it can only become white.

Obvisously, if you start with bright yellow, it can’t turn more yellow anymore, it can only turn white, there can’t be any color shift.

Okay, thank you so much for your help and the time you took to help me.

Yeah, the color below or on the layer matters too; to see the difference in how it works before and now, it must be the same .kra file giving different results in 4.2.4 and 4.4.1.

I haven’t checked this yet, I’m working on something else for now, sorry… You can report it on bugs.kde.org if you have one .kra file that looks different in those two versions. That way it won’t be forgotten for sure, someone will work on it :slight_smile: (and since it’s a regression, it will have a bit higher priority than other bugs. But it needs to be confirmed by one more person).

Okay, I have just finished reporting it as a bug. Thank yo for your time and help!