A redesign of the Cerberus :)


Beautiful colors, May I ask which tools or brushes you used in Krita?

Just the Default brushes. I mostly use the ones with the Color Smudge engine.

May I ask how did you upload this image? It seems the thumbnails are not generating for this.

Did you upload it from the web option?

Directly from PC. I just noticed it doesnt show as a thumbnail.

Great artwork! I really like the composition. Looking forward for more artworks :slight_smile:

We fixed it now :slight_smile:

Awesome! Love the Style (how flowy it feels and how simple it seems) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Kinda crazy… but it’s great. I love crazy art! Awesome mood ^^

This is really cool. I love the colors and bold shapes.

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i love it so creative i think mithical creaturs are awsome also how do you draw using krita

Apparently I didn’t see this one, awesome work! Very cool. :wink:

Which drawing tablet did you use?

Now this is a fun style
well done!

@Kremmenlight I use an Intuos Pro M, tough i would not recommend getting it since the XP Pen Decro PRo exist and does the same thing for much cheaper (I have used both)

@arcinie72 Just practices, lot of practices and studies. Also knowing the tool well really helps when creating a workflow

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Amazing! I love the colors and shadings! Especially little details that show Cerberus’s viciousness. I also love how it’s all flowy like, giving good o’ Cerb the soft fur like texture. It’s a simple idea, but yet so complex. There’s too much I gotta say Imma stop now-

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Amazing work man. Incredible job with shapes and lighting.

I looked at this picture for a long time, really cool work and a great portfolio.