A silly question: why can't I change my username?

Recently, I changed a new username, and changed the usernames of QQ, Bilibili, Github, Twitter. But when I wanted to change the Krita Artists username to keep my username consistent across platforms, I found that I couldn’t seem to change the Krita Artists username.
Then, I recreated an account (@LynxCatTheThird1) and found that the new account can change the username.But I don’t plan to give up my old account, what should I do?

Therefore, you had to ping and ask @raghukamath which I’ve done with this post. Also, you could just write a PM to him.


please message me the name that you want to put in your username.

I’d like to switch cstdio to LynxCatTheThird, thank you very much! :heart:
The @LynxCatTheThird I created on the fly has now been renamed @LynxCatTheThird1

I would suggest deleting this account(@LynxCatTheThird1) to avoid duplicate

Yes,I will do it soon.

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