A Thanks For The Forum ;) ((and for its moderators and admins))

this is basically a review, but I don’t see this as one, I see this more like a thanks.

  • First, I would like to say that having the option to post images (even though for an art sharing forum that is mandatory.) is really great. and I believe that this is the perfect place to share our art.

  • now I shall talk about the look of the forum. it is well constructed and simple. the fact that it looks so nice is certainly great.

  • the moderators and admins. they are very professional and quite nice, I understand the fact that they work very hard to keep the forum a peaceful place. and I really respect that :wink:

that’s all I have to say for now. have a nice day (night or evening)! :grin:


Thank you for your appreciation and kind words :slight_smile: it is also the members that make the forum a warm and beautiful place to be. :+1:


i agree. :wink: