A way to make the transform tool behave like it did in older versions?

The way the modern tool works is that when you want to stretch it vertically, for example, you grab the lower central node and drag it, however that stretches both the upper part and the lower part, not only the one attached to the node you dragged.
in older versions, that used to automatically set the pivot point to whatever one of the 8 nodes you clicked were, whereas now you have to manually set it yourself every time.

is there a way or a setting somewhere that could re-enable/replicate this feature or is it gone? i really miss it…

You must have enabled one button in the tool options - it’s on the left of this 9 buttons grid.

You can also use alt to temporary switch between picked mode, and the other one.

Thank you, I’ll be using the alt key a lot now!

I just don’t understand what do you mean by this:

Are you referring to the directional grid with 9 buttons that sets the pivot point?

Yes, on the left of this grid there is a button that permanently switches between those two modes, so that you can switch which one to use with and without the alt modifier.

By default it treats the behaviour you wanted as the one that doesn’t need a modifier, so I assume you must have switched it on accidentally.

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Oh, I see. Thank you again :]

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