About sharing modified brushes from Krita's default brush set

Hello everyone, I have a question about sharing Krita brushes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I mostly use Krita’s basic brushes with little modifications here and there in the settings. I made some notes about how I modify them (example: Basic-1 derivatives here or Ink-7 derivatives here) since I don’t think it is necessary to share the brush file.

Here are a sample preview of my current default brushes, almost all of them are derivatives of Krita’s basic brushes.


I never thought of sharing the brush files until recently (I thought the notes would be enough, but I think that’s subjective…) now I wonder if it would be more helpful for me to have both the notes available to read and the brush file downloadable? I’m still learning myself so these how-to notes will change over time.

So, my question is: would it be okay to reshare Krita’s default brushes with small changes that I made - as written on those tweaked-brushes notes?
I have doubts since basically I don’t make these brushes from scratch. These are Krita’s default brushes - I just change the numbers and graphs, etc.

If it is okay and I were to make these modified brushes downloadable, which licence should I attach it with?
I checked this list of Krita’s licences, there are so many, I don’t know which one is applied to brush (and its derivatives). Would it be CC0, GPL, or something else?

Thank you.

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What I do is share the brushes individually, they are not original either, just like yours are modifications of other brushes cx.

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All Krita bundles except for Seexpr are CC-0, which means you can share them and not even tell anyone that they are modified from Krita’s default brushes. But, of course, it’s much better if you say so, so people who’ll download them will know about it :slight_smile: License is just as you wish (I don’t think you can say that they were created just by you though, but other than that…).

Seexpr bundle (which only contains seexpr scripts, no brush presets) is CC-BY-SA which means you can share, but you need to share with the same license (CC-BY-SA) and you need to credit every other person who worked on it.

Easiest way to check the bundle’s license is to go to Settings -> Manage Resource Libraries, click on the bundle and see the License on the right.


@SchrodingerCat I was thinking to do the same with my modifs. And yeah, same case, I guess :laughing: great to know.

@tiar oh I see! Yeah, I also write that they are Krita’s default brushes to begin with as well. I completely forgot Manage Resource Libraries show that, I’ll check them out. Many thanks, I’ll make more tweaked notes and set up downloadable files then. When I finish them I will share them here in Resources category. :blush: