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Hello, just installed Krita and when I open an image the colors are not like the original colors of the image. Is there some setting I should check?

Hello, I recently just downloaded Krita on my chromebook and I’m really excited to use it. The only problem is I can’t even find where I open a new document to start a drawing. Am I stupid?


How do you get to the drawing screen? I cant find it.

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I did this and don’t know how to fix it! All of the brushes are huge and/or pixelated no matter how small i make it! Please help

Hello I accidentally made another author profile and when I try to delete it in configure Krita, it doesn’t actually delete the author profile. Please help.

Hi, whne I try to use Krita and press the undo button, this thing just popped up and I have no idea how to make it disappear. Tried to reinstall the program and change settings to default but nothing is working

Please make a new post about this issue.