Achieving consistency (learning art)

I am getting there, but the quality of my works fluctuates a lot from one to the next. I have a question…

What do I do RIGHT in these images that makes them work…

…As opposed to what am I doing WRONG in these images that make them fail?

I have been experimenting with different brushes, reference (resolution) sizes, canvas sizes… but can’t quite pin down why I make a good image, then a bad image afterward.

I suppose it could be my shapes/edges… but this means I’m very dependent on the quality of reference image… not sure


I’m not much of a critic but I think you have pretty much divided them properly… Keep at it! Keep practicing. Details matter. Perhaps that’s the difference?

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How should we comment on the differences of these two “batches” of your work, when you move one of these batches to trash?
The meaning/sense behind this is not clear to me.


The only difference I see is the colour depth on the one you don’t like being shorter.

I acctually made a feature request that would help see this within krita but as of now you can use OBS with the “fake colours” LUT (in their plugin section) to inspect your light on the image. I made a fake colour gradients but there are not as efficient when compared to a LIT by a long shot.

How to correct that is still out of my reach as I am making some brushes for this situation exactly but I have had no luck yet. I do think a YUV mixer for the smudge engine would solve alot of color depth transitions or something with HUE on it too.


Without being an art expert by any means (I’m more a technical person) I think it has a lot to do with the choice of references. The two you’re happy with are dominated by strong direct lighting and harder shadows, in the others diffuse light is much more present.

From my own experience, getting all the subtle gradients right for diffuse light is a lot harder than painting those strong hard shadows that give a strong first impression.

I see a certain lack of local contrasts, all those areas with ambient occlusion effects, like where the lips meet, the eyes, the ears, the base of the nose, there is so much subtle gradients happening that makes the difference between posterized and realistic look.

And our eyes are really bad at judging absolute brightness, but focus on those local contrasts, otherwise photography with its extremely limited dynamic range would not appeal us much. There may be a lot more brightness variations in the original than you think. The grayscale softproofing trick can help a bit, as color detracts our eyes even more, but still, it’s just tricky.


You are very defensive. I forgot I had used the links here. We are all painters, I am sure you have made works you are displeased with. Rather than say something productive you write this? Write something positive next time instead.

Yes I agree with you and the poster above. I think it is the contrast between values which makes the latter 3 look muddy and unclear. “Slovak girl” in particular, but also “Anna” is a dark reference with lots of reflected light and the forms are unclear. I am a fan of Alexis Franklin who seems to make stunning images off of everything.

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Sorry, I don’t understand that now. So it’s not that someone has works that this person doesn’t like. I do not understand the criticism of my statement. You ask for a comparison of your works, post works you like and works you don’t like to compare, but then you delete the one part you want me to compare to the other, at which point your question becomes meaningless/is without meaning, and you should have added an edit to your first post.
Sure, I can still comment on the images you like, but your question is no longer answerable, and that’s what I was criticizing.
If you want to be praised exclusively, then continue to post only your good pictures and ask for praise, I like them at least.
By the way, these are pictures I am not capable of, I have problems with the figurative representation, the representation of people, but I would have no problem to offer these pictures of mine for comparison would I paint them, but there we are already in the off-topic.


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