Acrylic/ thick oils

Hi, I am looking if there is a way to make a custom brush Acrylic, and a thick oil brush. If anyone has a tutorial, in text form preferably, I would appreciate it.

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Hi, it will be useful to see a capture of what do you want to achieve. Have you tried the RGBA-wet bundle?


Hi, Thanks for your reply. This is the effect I am trying to achieve. This is a painting from a e-friend, who teaches how to paint in Corel Painter. I realize the Krita, is not Corel Painter, and it just might not be possible. If I can close to it, that would be fine.
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This kind of Photopainting is not the final goal of Krita. In the photo i can see a big impasto that is only achievable with real paint or some trickery. I am interested to see your friend’s works, maybe we can find something interesting for Krita, who knows! :wink: