Add constraints use cases to polygonal selection tool

Objective :
Allow the user to constraints the line from the polygonal selection to snap to horizontal or vertical axes by holding a modifier Key(CTRL, or ALT or SHIFT).

Helpful in : Creating more complex selections with the polygonal tool.



Modifier keys are already used on with this tools as modifiers for selection (add selection/substract selection)

On my side, I use add/substract modifiers keys on polygonal selection tool like I use it with all selection tools in Krita.
If polygonal selection tool don’t work like the others, it will be inconsistency and confusing.

Your idea is not bad, but rather than just asking for “change current way the tools works with my own vision of how it should works”, if you can take time to understand how current tools works, what are the impact of modifications, and maybe propose a solution that allows to continue to use current modifiers key as they should, there’ll be more chance to see it implemented … :slight_smile:


For the Line tool, the Shift key is used as a post-click modifier to restrict the line to a limited set of angles, including horizontal and vertical.

If the Polygon (and Polyline) tools could have that, it would be useful.

Then you could draw a vector polygon and make a vector selection from it, then convert to raster selection if you wanted to.

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Sometimes I need it too…

:thinking: Makes sense.

I was looking for a way to lock the polygonal selection tool to angles and found this thread. Seconding the request!

Since “shift” does this with the line tool, I think it could have the same functionality for the selection tool as well - I realize shift modifies the selection mode, but it only does so before the selection is started, so after that it could instead control angle locking.