Add menu option Select -> Round

Add an ability to round sharp corners in the selection. Similar to what Feather does but keep sharp mask.

Is this not possible with the vector selection?

It would probably work for simple shapes. But how about Magnetic Selection Tool?

magnetic is too complex just geometric shapes have that option. that is like the advanced stuff of vectors.

That is why I am suggesting additional (generic) smoothness for selection.

Good example is Loop Tools in Blender that makes “relax”

See example here

that relax is not for bezier curves. that is not applicable as a example of what would have been done. Your speaking of the AI point that splits and makes a circle.

There is no AI at all :slight_smile:
I assume that selection like with Magnetic tool is a set of 2d points that describe the mask.
I think the smoothing can be done just by interpolating between them and maybe applying some smoothing.

For instance shrink selection probably used scaling of the same 2d towards centroid.

I am talking about AI = Adobe Illustrator not Artificial Intelligence. And this is the effect.

I see. Though I would like to get my point straight. What I am asking for is not solvable (at least to my knowledge) with vectors.

Let’s take a bit more complicated examples. You have a layer with complex shapes. You Ctrl+Click on a layer to get selection. Now you need to have these shapes such that there is no sharp angles in there.

How would you do it?

The only option now is to use “Feather” selection. But it will also makes it such that when I copy the object there will be transparent edge. But I do not need it. I want only selection.

So basically what my request is all about is Feather selection without feather.

As a workaround, for now, you can do it manually by filtering the selection mask with Gaussian Blur followed by a Threshold.
It’s not the sort of thing you’d want to do often but it does work:


Seems like this would be pretty simple to macro. Personally, I like doing this manually, since you get visual feedback on the amount of roundness.

@hulmanen Yes, at stage 4 or 5, you can Undo to go back and rework the Blur and the Threshold steps as many times as you like.
In the Threshold, you can adjust the threshold level to slightly grow or shrink the final outline. Doing it manually gives flexibility.

I believe rectangle tool has a rounding corners feature, and maybe if you create a vector selection, it does work too? And I think it would be a nice addition to a vector layer in general.

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