Add new tags to help sort Feature requests?

Would it help for the developers to add tags to the Feature requests to help sort them?
You probably already use a particular categorisation scheme, so it may be easier to sift through duplicate and similar requests for, let’s say: tools, brush sensors, resource, etc.

From the Mcneel forum and Stackexchange I know users can add tags when they have reached a certain reputation. Alternatively, trust level 4 users and up may be able to set tags for topics that don’t use any of the ones that were agreed upon.


Giving the power of tagging to people will lead to duplicate tags and also not so useful countless tags. This is the reason I have not enabled tagging for all. For now I think the voting system is new let it simmer a bit and then we will see what needs to be tackled. I just don’t want to add more burden on moderation team to edit tags, delete tags or find duplicate tags etc in addition to the newly added burden of finding duplicate posts. Which must the the responsibility of the user making the post to being with.

Having said that, I am open to add more tags and the idea to limit the tag creation to certain trust level is also nice which solves the issue of duplicate tags by users to some extent. I will check if it is possible.

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Okay I have made it possible for users with trust level 3 (regular) to be able to create tags. there will be need for moderating what tag a user creates but I think a person who is trust level 3 will create them properly and only when required.


Thanks @raghukamath we will indeed have to see how it develops.

Is there a list of tags/ categories that the developers use, which could be used as start for creating the tags? That should help to minimise moderation and serve as guide for the initial tag creation.

Initially the tags were only used for categorizing the artworks and showing the artworks in masonry layout. But upon a request (if I am not mistaken it was yours) we opened tags for non artwork posts too. Currently there is only 2 or three dev related tags like #release and #dev-news we can add more.

But the tag listing page will have mixed layout. For example if a feature request is about #animation then people will tag it animation, but at the same time there will be animation artwork too. So the tag listing page will half have thumbnails and half post won’t have it. you can see this happening now too. This was initially the reason to not open tags for other purpose. But now we have it open so it is a side effect that people won’t be able to see only artwork under a tag.


Okay I have restricted certain categories to certain tags. example artwork related tags can be used in artwork category. If anyone has any suggestion to add any new development related tags then please suggest it. New tags created last time for artwork category have no posts in them yet. So we need to keep the tag list concise.

In addition to the development tags I have also added tags for support namely #linux #windows #macos #crash please suggest any other tags for this tag group.

Each tag group is restricted to that particular category


@raghukamath Thank you for all the work you do to maintain and improve the forum :slight_smile: :+1:


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