Added brushes don't work

Hello! I’ve been using a few brush and bundle packs for a long time now, I recently bought a new device and had to re-install everything again, I did that yesterday and everything was fine. Today all of a sudden only a few are working of the brushes are still working.
I can still draw with the others but they all look like this:

(These are just a few examples with different brushes, mostly from several bundles/brush packs/etc.)
Some packs are working completely, others don’t work at all, or even only a few brushes from one bundle/pack work.

I’ve restarted the program, restarted my computer, I’ve removed everything out of the resources, and add everything new again, and still it looks like that.

I’d be so grateful if someone could help me!

:slight_smile: Hello @v.h_arts, and welcome to the forum!

Please take a look inside your folder for the brush-tips, it is named “brushes” and you’ll find it in Krita’s resources-folder. If there are sub-folders in the folder “brushes” then please move all files out of these sub-folders into the folder “brushes” and start Krita again.
Should this not fix your issues, then please tell us which operating system and which version of Krita you have, and from where you downloaded Krita. Also, please tell us which brushes/brush-packs/bundles don’t work.



All brushes are working now, thank you so much!

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Thank you! It was easy to guess. It’s a common problem when users of Krita versions prior to 5.0 upgrade to current versions of Krita, and it’s related to the resource management that was built from scratch.

If you encounter further difficulties in the future, we will be happy to try to help you here.
Have a nice day and always enjoy Krita.



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