Added to Android gestures

Ideas on Android devices.


  • one finger for a long time: dropper
  • two fingers: undo
  • three fingers: redo
  • four fingers: canva only
  • S-Pen button: toggle eraser


  • one finger: eraser
  • two fingers: move and zoom the canvas


@sh-zam The S-Pen Button is recognizable as middle mouse button right know, i use it to Color Pick, so it’s possible to do it already, on the “Touch Gesture” i can add a Mouse Button action type, press the S-pen button, that will be recognized as middle button, and select Toggle Eraser.
I think it just need to be more clear, maybe if you could add a new type ( like there is Gesture, Mouse button, Mouse wheel, Key Combination) called “S-pen button” (with the middle button already on it) it would be very clear and possible to use everywhere. Maybe rename “Touch Gestures” with just “Gestures”, since touch gestures can be used in every other menu, and to show better that this “S-Pen Button” type could be used there too.
Anyway, just an idea i think would not be hard to do as it use what is already there.
Also the "Button Action on “S-pen Actions”, with the click and double click option, don’t work right now, so i think it would be interesting to remove it if the current “middle mouse” approach will be used, or rework how the S-pen Button work and use this menu.

Since I’m using your builds as main apk now, yes i would like it :grinning:


I am waiting to :slight_smile:

I find small bug with popup palette , when we rotate canvas with fingers the rotation ring on popup palette istnt updated :slight_smile:


@cosmos10040, the one finger drag on Pan is great, I’ve mean one finger tap that isn’t usable.
You have to drag to Pan, just tapping on canvas for it do nothing so it’s better for the one finger tap to be elsewhere by default. Just to be clear.
By default one finger drag is on Color Pick, but can be easy changed to Pan on settings, I also like to use it for Pan.

Also, does anyone else likes to use the S-Pen button to Color Pick? I think it’s the best place for it and couldn’t actually paint without it, have to use finger for it slow me down by a lot.

All of that it’s already possible now if you change the settings :grinning:

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Sounds like a good idea.

Sadly, I don’t have a hardware to test and fix this. The feature was implemented by another contributor in 2020.

I’ve uploaded another version at the same Url :slight_smile:

I’ve also fixed the longpress-for-rightclick problem. Things should work fine like before (better actually, because action in context menu won’t be accidentally clicked).

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You mean test it to see if it’s working? I think it’s safe to assume it’s not working for everyone as i saw in this thread various Android users stating that this options don’t work, S-Pen gestures of that section on the other hand are working.

Also, @sh-zam, i saw that there’s no Krita Next builds for Android right? i just wanted to share it on a official link with more people to test it, but maybe let’s wait until 5.1 gets on beta and we settle down some more mobile things, them it would be interesting to make a beta build to share with public.
Actually when we get to that point it would be good to update the Play Store version to this build already.
I think that Krita on Mobile have potential to shine more than the Desktop version ever did, and bring a lot of people to the platform in the near future.

I see!

There actually is! The link isn’t yet listed on the website, yet. But it is built and signed by the KDE CI: (I will have to remove the name unsigned in APK)

Hi! I’ve made a minor tweak to the code to fix a bug. Bug being: assuming Single Finger Tap is assigned to popup palette and Single Finger Drag to pan, if you quickly fling with a single finger (i.e quick lift after a drag), Tap shortcut would be activated rather than Drag.

I’ve updated the APK, do lemme know if there is any abnormality :slight_smile:

PS: You can downgrade without losing configs (now), if you check the option to preserve data during. uninstall.


Amazing work. As a beginner, I was looking for a phone app to start practicing and sync my work between devices. At first I was in love with clip studio but it requires a subscription. Then I put an eye to krita for a long time but I was skeptical because the UI wasn’t adapted till recently I learned we can customize the UI thanks to the tips that I read here. Now I have a solid app with cloud syncing.

So I just created an account to share some feedback and request a small feature if possible. I am using a Samsung Note 9. Everything working fine except for some random crashes while setting up the toolbar and loading and saving files.

First, the clic and double clic of the S pen button is working as intended for me. It uses the Air Actions feature of the Samsung phone where the S Pen is connected via Bluetooth. It has to be enabled in the phone settings and turn the feature on in Krita app. To use Air Actions you need to take your Pen fairly far from the phone (to the point where your screen doesn’t track your movements).

Second, I just learned the button of the S Pen is acting as middle mouse button. I want to use that button to toggle between brush and eraser. I learned thanks to AlexFar that we can set up that in Touch Gestures. My problem is that Toggle Eraser uses the current settings of the brush and I find myself uncomfortable that way, so I ended up using Switch to Previous Preset instead. Can we add Switch to Previous Preset option in touch gestures?

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Start testing !

Thanks for that :smiley:

You are right! I confirm this, so @sh-zam, that option uses the Bluetooth air command, just like the S-Pen gestures there, not the default EMR button of the pen. So it’s working fine, it’s just causing some confusion on everyone thinking it’s the default pen button, maybe just placing “Air” on the names and description is needed to solve this, maybe change the menu name of “S-Pen Actions” to “S-Pen Air Actions” would help for it to be more clear too, thanks @GynRaider.

A interesting idea, maybe Sh-zam can do it. Meanwhile you can use a icon on the toolbar to do it.

Also I’m glad everything i shared was helpful, I’m thinking on creating a thread on something like “Krita on Smartphone Guide” with everything we discussed here later and a video about it on the future, hope we could gather more users with this :smile: .

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Also @GynRaider, i was in the same as you, in love with CSP, but it was a subscription model, then got my eyes on Krita, following the Android development way before sh-zam even launched the first build, but didn’t thought it was going to translate well on a Phone. I was happily wrong.
To be honest, i think that the only “competition” CSP have on Android is Krita, other softwares don’t go even close, and i tested practically all of them.
That’s why i think Krita will really shine on Android, even CSP, as good as it is, don’t have some features Krita have, and touch gestures were what really was missing
A lot of people are going full mobile now and krita being the best free app by miles will really bring a lot of users to it.

But let me ask, you said you can sync the files with your PC, what kind of apps do you use for it?


You should! It would be really appreciated! I had the app installed in my tablet and I insisted myself to be able to sync between my devices, so I went to google and reddit without success. Months later, I insisted again and checked the forum. If not because that idea, if not because this thread and the updated build, I would have been really discouraged in practicing for a while. I never was so glad to find a proper drawing app. With a guide, you will make desperate people, like me, happy :smiley:

I agree. CSP has long years of development behind, so it is more intented for professional users where they make a living. Krita really comes closer since it is practically the same application as the pc but it gives the freedom that CSP doesn’t give. What I love about Krita is that it does not burn my phone as CSP does and the responsiveness is practically the same, so even if the Krita UI is upgraded, if it burns my phone and drains my battery faster, I would stick to the current build. And the Reference tool is much more comfortable and encouraging in phone for someone who would love to learn to draw. I didn’t expect this app to be this amazing. Thanks, @sh-zam !

I mounted a server with nextcloud to sync my stuff at home. Nextcloud app mounts a folder storage in the file system. Krita is able to save the work using the file system and then I select the Nextcloud storage and save my work there or open from there. The app automatically syncs changes made to the files inside.
I think I remember that Google Drive and Onedrive can also mount an storage in the file system, so you would be able to sync your work without the need to mount a home server. I highly recommend to keep the access to the current file system Krita is using.

Also, I want to suggest an option to be able to automatically hide chosen dockers and unhide it when you hover your Pen over a certain threshold in the screen (like an edge). Would make the flow much more intuitive without hitting “Show canvas only” every time. I know it is not a small task, but it is an idea in case no one suggested it. There wouldn’t be a need to rework the UI entirely for a while.

@sh-zam I’m having a big problem on last build, this happens in the last two builds you did, from 2º April and 30º March, i had to go back to build from 26º March that’s stable (these are the day i downloaded them)

This is exactly what’s happening, crash on toolbar edit and opening files, but for me after the crash on loading files, there’s a massive slow down on zooming to the point it’s isn’t usable, if i reinstall preserving the data on the new available option, the slow down continues, if i do a clean install, the problem is solved just until the next crash that happen very often. It looks like it may have started after you implemented the new preserve data feature.
Are you having this slow down too @GynRaider? I don’t know if you could use the previously build, but it was very stable, no crashes at all, so you might think they are normal.
Hope you can check it soon Sh-zam!

Thanks for all the info!, i could’nt get either One Drive or Google Drive to do this kind of thing, but i found a pretty good solution, using an open source app called Syncthing, it syncs the files of a specific folder on both my PC and Android, i can edit the file on one and it will automatically update on the other even over the internet, it’s great!

On the thread i mentioned i will do, i want to do a guide on this too, as well as:

  • Using this mini controller for shortcuts on Krita, for full mobile shortcuts! (I have one, works great)
  • Exporting a timelapse on Android, it’s possible with the help of other apps.
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I do have that problem too, but that can be easily fixed by enabling Canvas Graphic Acceleration in display settings. It somehow disables itself, probably after every crash.

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I would like to ask if it is possible to add this gesture function to the PC version

These features are available on PC version too. You may need to reconfigure Canvas Input Settings to get these new options or press “Restore Defaults”.

It was a result of an unrelated regression. The bug has been fixed and I’ve updated the APK with the patch.

Yes, that’s right. Enabling it should fix it.


Thanks! Just did a bunch of tests with the new apk and the crashes are over now.

Thanks for the info @GynRaider, good to know if it happens again.

Just remember you need to get the new Krita Next build on the website for it to work.


@sh-zam Any news ? Should I update the build ;)? I am curious if you add some new fixes in last weeks :slight_smile:

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