Additional mini bundle + one big bundle with all the brushes

Created more brushes owo
New pencil + web mix work with mix engine (mixed your 2 chosen colours together).
And soft-tip pen depends on opacity. Stronger pressure - lighter colour, which means when you rise your hand/stroke it gets darker. I like it for sketches especially.
They are nothing special, but hope you`ll like them!~~~

Mini bundle with 4 additional brushes:

One bundle with ALL the brushes:

The post with previous 2 bundles:


If you have any issues, please, write here, I`ll try to solve them~

I’ll check them out. I downloaded your previous bundle before and I really enjoyed it! I especially love the pencil brush :heart:

Thank you for the ‘United’ bundle Aura.
It’s a good combination of your previous bundles :slight_smile:

It still has the problem with an indication of missing brush tips for Aura Pastel Hard and Aura Pastel Soft brush presets. This is very puzzling because the brush tips are present in the bundle and the brush presets are using them, as can be seen by using the brush editor.

As noted by @lehko in the previous topic: My lineart and drawing bundles ,
the ‘fix’ for this is simple: Open the brush preset in the brush editor, note the brush tip used, select any other brush tip, then select the original brush tip used, then Overwrite the brush preset.

For illustration, I did Save New Brush Preset with the result shown here:
Original and Fixed

The only explanation I can think of is that on your installation, you have that brush preset stored twice in some way and to make the bundle you loaded the ‘other’ copy. (This is just speculation.)

Your tags are only on two of your presets as shown here:


In the United bundle itself, I had a look inside and there are references to two brush tips that are not part of your bundle and are not used by any of your brush presets.
One of these is abominable_snowman.png, which is in the Krita_4_Default_Resources bundle.
The other is dlyakritafull_1 which may be a brush tip in your personal resources collection.

There is also a strange tag reference to that brush:

As you said in your previous topic, “Bundles are hard.” :slight_smile:

Thank you, it makes me really happy ;-;

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I dont understand how it happens @_@
I remade tips for brushes, turned them into png and put in a brushes folder.
Also for some reason I only can created bundles with the new version of Krita, the old ones don`t react to my actions at all for some reason. Mistery

Happy you like them, thank you! >.<

I also stumble over problems like this all the time, I would guess it is a problem with the Windows version of Krita? (If you are using that OS too.)
The list of bugs I have encountered making brushes is ridiculous, and makes bundle-creation take a lot longer. I wish you luck in fixing that!
But the good news is that they are rewriting the resource manager in 5.0, so I am crossing my fingers for the bugs disappearing then! :grin:

Your bundle looks nice btw! Looking forward to trying it out at some point! :blush:

I actually discovered masked brush function (im slow i know)
And already made other 10 brushes lkjdlkglfg
So expect some more brushes soon >.>;;;;

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I have one weakness and it is plants :sweat_smile: