Additional tags for feature requests

I think it would be great if we could tag feature requests on this site with things like:

  • UI
  • Brushes/ Brush engine
  • Resource-management
  • Keyboard-shortcuts
  • Canvas-input-settings
  • Customise
  • Dockers
  • Tools
  • …?

I presume that this should help sorting the long list of requests more easily for the devs.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I will take a look at adding these. Tags are only utilized for artworks due to how the masonry (pintrest style) layout works and is designated to the artwork section. If more posts without thumbnails are sown in masonry layout it looks bad.

I will research a bit more about this.

Thank you

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Blenderartists and the Rhino forum ( both use tags for all sorts of things as, both use discord. So I thought that, since this forum does not, it could be an opportunity to structure the (feedback & feature request) topics a bit more :wink:

Blender artist disables the pinterest style layout for tags it is only applied to specific category. That is possible i’ll check out.

I have changed the setting and the pinerest style layout is only applied to featured tag. So now we can use tags for other posts too which won’t have post thumbnails. I’ll add the tags in some time after testing how it works since we need masonry layout for featured tag and it is the primary reason why we chose the plugin.

sadly it is not working as intended. It seems for now targeting a specific kind of page layout for only one tag is not working. It is being applied to all the tags. This leads to broken layout in-case there is no thumbnail image which will be the case for other topics which are not artwork posts. so for now this is on hold. I have asked for a solution with the plugin developer hope they respond.

Blenderartists and other community using discourse may have their own modification to the forum software. I can’t afford or have expertise to do that so our options are limited to what defaults allow.

No worries! I was under the assumption that discourse could do this by default. If not, then so be it. You certainly shouldn’t spend to much time on it.

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