adjusting images issue

Hi Guys,

I have an issue, where I have like 250 images which I want to put together in order to create an animation. But before creating the animation I would like to apply the sharpeness filter on each of these images, but I do not want to open each of them separately for applying the filter. Is there any posibility how to do it at once, like inserting all those images in Krita and saying Krita to apply the filter on all images ?

Thanks in advance for your help :grinning:


You can import sequence of image in Krita, and then add a filter layer mask to animated layer.
The filter layer will be applied to all frames.


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Hi Grum999,

thx a lot for super quick response. I have already try it and it works perfectly :+1:
You saved me like hours of my lifetime:D

Thanks once more. Have a great weekend :smiley:


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