Adobe buys Figma. Have you ever supported Krita Foundation?

We like tools for free, but without support ADOBE only?

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What is this thread about. Yes Adobe acquired Figma, how does it relate to Krita foundation? I am confused about the title.

Me too😜

Can I cancelled all?

Then why did you post the topic?

Figma had a big community, but they won’t supported and subscribed for money.
Krita is a free tool, but without money it’s hard to create better solutions.

Figma is closed and proprietary. Krita is open source. Do you fear Adobe will buy krita too?

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Just wanted to add that supporting Krita is not only giving money. There are a lot of people dedicating their free time and skill to help people in the community with fixing, advice and general support. Some people are not able to give money but help the community in other ways. Every support for Krita’s community is also support for Krita.


KRITA and FIGMA aren’t that same type of organization. But it’s interesting from social point of view. And monopoly isn’t a good idea. The Nature likes diversity and artists follow Nature.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And with my maintainer hat on – while, sure, money is necessary! – I really appreciate all the work you and others do especially on this site to help people out and foster our community.