Advanced Export Buggy Using Lyer Style

I’m using windows and the latest version of Krita.

problem: I use advanced export art to make the image smaller. during the resizing the “layer style” outlines on my drawing get bigger while everything gets smaller.
For example, the outline is opposed to being 10 pixels wide but when I make it smaller by 50% in the export, the outline becomes twice as big.

Update: after doing some more testing, it seems like its an order of operations issue. when using comic manager the “layer style” outline is not an issue but when using advanced export and resizing, the line gets thicker. so I imagine the style is being added after the image has been resized causing a 10px line to be bigger in comparison because the pixel density is smaller after the resize.

I think you should report this as a bug on with steps to reproduce.

Curious are you using vector elements or your using pixels?

Ok thank you I will

if layer style and stroke are vector elements they are measured in pixels. they can be resized and moved without quality debating so I imagine they are vectors

I have no idea, but I thought layer styles were kinda like a filter. But I did that question to know what was the type of layer you were applying layer styles too.

the layers I’ve tested have only been paint laters

In case you report the bug. Please post the link here so that we can subscribe to it.

459295 – Advanced exporting of artworks with layer styles causing issues (