[ADVICE] Here's how to fix missing brush tags after installing a new brush bundle!!!

I notice that sometimes after I install a new brush bundle and restart Krita, a new tag for the brush bundle doesn’t show on the brush presents dropdown menu. If anyone else ever encountered this after installing a brush bundle, here’s how to fix it and have all new tags show up

  • STEP 1: DOWNLOAD Krita 4.0.1.
    WARNING, before doing this make a backup of you current workspace by going to “Window” -> “Workspace” -> “New Workspace”. Running a older version of Krita can mess up the current layout of your workspace and require you to re-arrange the dockers again.

    Here’s the direct download links
    I only tested this on windows and linux but it should hopefully work on MacOS too

  • STEP 2: RUN Krita 4.0.1. For windows users, you must extract the zip file first. After extracting the zip file, open the “krita-x64-4.0.1” folder and click on the “bin” folder. Then open "krita.exe"
  • \krita-x64-4.0.1\bin\krita.exe
  • STEP 3: CLOSE Krita 4.0.1 then OPEN the latest version of Krita you was using before. The missing brush tags for every brush bundle you ever installed before should now be in the brush presents drop down menu!

I have no idea why it needs a old version of Krita but it works :smile: