Aid in coloring animation

Love the ‘paint all keyframes’ at once. That would be a life saver and the possibility to change the color for all of them.

Well, then you guys can go to WIP: Making colorize mask work with animation (!661) · Merge Requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab and cheer the volunteer who’s working on it :smiley: It’s of course about the Colorize Mask which works for sure differently than what you’re talking about here, but is about the same thing, to color animation. Since it’s a mask, you can attach it to a group layer where some layers will be actual lineart and some would be lines between the shadow areas and non-shadow areas. Then all would be considered together, and you’d just need to mark the shadow areas with the shadow color and the non-shadow areas with non-shadow color.

It’s still not ready, it’s not even merged, but it’s being worked on and some encouragement is always welcome :wink: