Alexandre "Zedig" Diboine Brushes converted for Krita

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Hello! :hugs: I converted all four of these cool brush sets that was originally released by the artist Zedig for photoshop into Krita format. I tried to copy the brush settings that were used in photoshop into Krita as accurately as I possibly can. They’re at least 90% as accurate to the photoshop version.


  • The brush set included a soft brush that works pretty much the same as the default air brush in krita

Sources for the original version released for photoshop : One Two Three Four

This is the beginning of a project I’m starting. I’m going to convert photoshop brush sets I find interesting into Krita for other artists to use. As long as the brushes don’t really use textures, it’s easier to convert it to Krita. Krita’s and photoshop’s brush engines work surprisingly similar. It’s a lot easier to convert photoshop brushes compared to other art programs.

If the artist explicitly says no one is allowed to redistribute their brush sets, I’ll probably just release a bundle with no brush tips included and require you to download the .abr file directly from the artist’s website and copy it to the krita “brushes” folder.


Have you gotten the chance to communicate with Zedig yet?


Yes, I, as a mod, would feel much more comfortable knowing that they know you redistributed their brushes this way :slight_smile: I know they wrote “you can use them” and I expect that most brush creators who publish them for free won’t mind you converting to another program (they might even like it a lot! and if you tell them that Krita is free, they might want to try it, too :wink: ), and I’m super glad you’re doing that, but I guess it would be nicer if you communicate with the author a bit before starting to work on them :slight_smile: (You didn’t say anything about that in the post, hence asking).


Sorry you’re right I should have asked for permission first! I decided to ask the artist on twitter for permission to post these brushes and he said yes. That’s what I’ll do going forward

I want to know if I’m allowed to post brush sets if I require the users to download the brushes directly from the artist. Like for example I’m thinking about making a krita brushset from this

Because the artist strictly says to not redistribute their brushes, I was just going to release a bundle only with the brush presents in it, which will just be a file with the krita brush settings. The user will have to download the abr file themselves from the link and place it in their brush folder. This way I won’t be illegally distributing the brushes. Would this be against the rules?

If you know what kind of tip is in the brush may be you can create that type of tip from scratch? I don’t know the legality but a brush tip drawn from scratch would not be a copy.


I think some brush tips might be harder for me to recreate :sweat_smile: And it’s a lot faster for me to use other people’s premade brush tips. I think I can find an alternative to most textures though.

I think that recreating brush tips is as good as pointing people to download abr from the artist’s website. I don’t think there is a copyright on brush settings… so if you recreate them, I think you’re fine? Not a lawyer though :wink:

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That is awesome, I imagine if anyone with the right knowledge could write a python code to convert abr brushes into krita bundles. that would be something!

Krita has many good brushes ans Rámon is making the new version of Digital Atelier but a script would make even paid packs that can’t be shared as easily available too even though I think nobody expects it to work perfectly since you always need to tweak any brush to your liking it would at least streamline the process.

Even for @fizzyflower to refine the brushes after conversion such script would be awesome.


Thank you!!!

I think that would be a very bad thing to do.

That is awesome, I imagine if anyone with the right knowledge could write a python code to convert abr brushes into krita bundles. that would be something!

I’m not sure that might ever be possible. Even though Krita’s brush engine can do almost every thing photoshop’s brush engine can do, a few major things missing from Krita’s is “count” which multiples the amount of brush tips, “wet edges”, apply texture by brush tip instead of stroke, and texture blending modes. But I don’t really care about the other’s that much compared to Krita having a smaller amount of color blend modes. Having only subtract and multiply makes it really hard for me to convert a lost of brushes

Like for example a hard round brush with a random texture applied

And a this “texturly” flat brush that I found in the brush packs of a lot of artists. It uses color dodge

If Krita had more texturing modes then it would be easy to convert most photoshop brushes to Krita. But what the masked brush engine can already do is still very amazing though. Compared to brushes from other programs like CSP, I feel way more comfortable converting photoshop brushes to Krita because of how similar the brush engines in both programs work. And you can tweak brushes to your liking in Krita way more than photoshop.


Yes, Krita is really lack of texture modes for brush. It is one of the reason I still chained to Photoshop.

Here is the topic where other blending modes for brush texture is discussing New Brush’s texture blending modes - Height

Most of artist that use heavy painterly, texture-“realism” type of style use brushes with hard mix and height modes.

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Have you tried other brush engines in Krita. Most of the photoshops brush setting correspond to the pixel brush engines. I suggest you to try other brush engines as well.

if they can write in Python, they could write it in c++ in the loading code :stuck_out_tongue: Problem is that Photoshop format is not described anywhere so it’s just guessing…

It could be good if there was at least a feature that creates a basic brush out of every brush tip so the user can later change it without having to create too many brushes.

@AhabGreybeard I think they meant “it would be good if people who wants to buy someone’s brushes could buy them even if they were Photoshop brushes and then automatically convert them to Krita brushes”. I believe some misunderstanding happened:

instead of (slightly incorrect grammatically, I believe, but only slightly)

it could be:

Commas are important, people! :smiley: (My native language has rules for them but English mostly disregards them)

My opinion is, yes, it would be awesome, but unfortunately, the specification is closed, so…

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I finally figured out how to “emulate” the texture height mode in Krita! :grinning: Playing with the strength and cutoff policy settings really helped! The canvas brushes even work kinda similar to the kyle oil photoshop brushes.

Here’s a small brush bundle of a few of the Grzegorz brushes I created. I think I might be able to finally re-create most of the Grzegorz brushes in Krita but it will not be a perfect 1:1 reproduction. I won’t be able to really release the full brushpack until I get the artist’s permission first.

A random painting I made just to demonstrate the texture you can get with these brushes. I think someone from a background in traditional painting would be able to take advantage of these brushes the best!


I forget a lot that Krita also has more brush engines other than the pixel and smudge engine :sweat_smile:

The texture part of brush engine is not like photoshop or other software. It is really designed with thought. if you want to check out the thought process refer this blog post by @Deevad ->


Yep, your version of famous Greg’s flat brush is actually much closer to the original than my tries.

I have made some changes and now is faster for medium spec Devices. I don’t know why with these brushes i tend to paint spaceships and more rusty sketches. Is a good brush for sure. I have loaded the bundle in KRITA 5:
1- Flat Bristle V2. I use a lot flat brushes with no rotation making landscapes. Removing the rotation allows to have a very fast brush and create planes easily.
2- Flat Bristle V3 I have changed the brush to be faster and the pattern to Linear height to go from texture to full opaque and a bit of reduction controlled by pressure.

I would like to know two things. Did Zedig created the original pattern or brushtip? in PS world is very common that artists use resources without worring about licenses.
Is Zedig also Grzegorz Rutkowski? :open_mouth:

Anyway, enjoy.