Aliased brushstrokes in Krita 5.0.2


Was using Krita 4.1.1 for a long while, eventually decided to try out the new version. Sadly found that besides the various fixes and improvements, a particular issue may prevent me from using it.

All or most brushes end up very aliased when I draw, regardless of whether it’s with a mouse or stylus.
Drawing with a size 2 brush almost looks like drawing with a size 1 brush should, and drawing with a size 1 brush creates tiny interrupted dashes and dots. It’s like there is no smoothing or interpolation at all.

My PC is a Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro hybrid, Intel HD4000 iGPU, with integrated Wacom digitizer. Using Wacom ISD drivers and control panel. Windows 8.0 x64. Windows Ink is disabled, to the best of my knowledge. The issue persists regardless of settings, both using WinTab and Windows Ink settings in Krita. Tablet tester output seems normal, there’s no indication or pressure jitter. Pressure seems to work normally. Both Krita 4.1.1 and MyPaint 2.0 work fine with no issues. Tested Krita version is 5.0.2 x64, portable zip download.

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Your canvas is 320 x 450 with a zoom of 282% so you can see the individual pixels.

Can you make the equivalent screenshot using 4.1.1 and the same brush presets at the same brush size for comparison?

Something you can try in that situation is turning on Sharpness for the brush preset in the Brush Editor:

Well yes, heh, seeing individual pixels is how I noticed. I use Krita to draw sprites for a Starsector mod, and I really need the subpixel detection for smooth shading of panels and tiny details and whatnot.

I think I can still only post one image per post, so I’ll composit two squiggles with the same brush at the same settings. The brush is c)_Pencil-2, from the Krita4 resource bundle, set to 1px width. Top is 4.1.1, bottom is 5.0.2.

(As an aside, why was the minimum brush size set to 0.01? It doesn’t matter much, but it just keeps nagging at me that the brush size can’t be set to an integer value without using the keyboard or intense precision. :P)

And here’s… something of an equivalent, I guess. I think those are the same brushes I used.
The larger the brush the less noticeable it gets, because there’s less subpixel shenaniganery going on.
Sadly the things affected the most are the same things I use the most, i.e. the pencils.

And turning on sharpness on the pencil brush just turns it into a blob of hard pixel edges, completely unusable.

You can put these buttom onto the toolbar, should be the same as keyboard shortcut “[” and “]”

Edit: Found an old thread related to your post

Huh. Increase and decrease brush size snaps to integers. Good to know! Thanks! :smiley:

And yeah I read that old thread, found it while searching around. Unfortunately there’s nothing there that helps me (or helped the thread’s OP, by the looks of it). It’s not an issue with tablet drivers or some other incompatibility, because it happens even without involving the stylus, and only on two of the three brush mask types (i.e. Soft and Gaussian). There just seems to be some component of Krita that doesn’t want to work right, and I can’t do anything but wait and see if maybe it gets found and fixed at some point.

And yes, perhaps I could just set the mask type to Default on the affected brushes, but if I’m going to compromise on something I might as well just stick to the version I had that worked well. :slight_smile:

If you’re satisfied with how 4.1.1 works for the artwork you make then you should indeed stay with it.

The 4.x series had many bug fixes after that so you may want to try later versions that can be found in the ‘attic’:
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I’ll see about that, thanks!

And hopefully this issue will eventually be fixed as well. Just gotta make sure to bring it up every so often. Like every month or three. Squeaky wheel and everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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