Allow switching eraser toggle while undo is processing

What it says on the tin. My method of chicken scratch sketching usually has me drawing, erasing, and undoing 5-7 times a second at its peak, and I always run into one issue, usually several dozen times to maybe over a hundred times in an 8 hour session.

When I hit undo, then hit ‘eraser mode toggle’ shortcut, it doesn’t switch. Then I ‘erase’ thinking it’s on erase mode, but instead I draw a line. So I hit undo to undo the line I just drew, then eraser toggle to set it to eraser mode. Then I ‘erase’, but instead draw another line. This can repeat 3-5 times before I finally hit undo, wait a second in defeated agony, then toggle eraser after the undo completes.

It’d be a nice QOL upgrade if the eraser could be toggled while undoing is processing, but that sounds like one of those painful upgrades that seems so insanely tiny but ends up being borderline impossible to implement. Thank you

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