Allow the user to set how much zoom shortcuts step at a time (ctrl[+]+/ctrl[+]-)

This option would allow for the user to type in exactly how far the ctrl[+]+ and ctrl[+]- (by default) zooming shortcuts should actually zoom at a time (steps).

The use case for this would be owners of tablets with dials/wheels. I, for example, like to use one of the dials in my tablet for the brush size and the other for zooming but, as it stands, zooming it usable, but frankly, barely usable.
It zooms in and out far too much at a time and thus results in an uncomfortable experience.


but frankly, barely usable.

Hi, I understand the two shortcuts are barely usable when assigned to a touch ring or dial. It is too strong.

Unfortunately, changing Ctrl+ and Ctrl- (or directly + and - , or numpad+ and numpad-) would be not OK: many users wants these shortcut to reach discrete zoom level (33%, 50%, 66%, 100%, etc…).

But your idea is good; Ring/Dial/Stripe on tablet could benefits of two keyboard shortcut that would just zoom by +10% , so the motion would be more fluid. Maybe something for Alt+Numpad+ and Alt+Numpad- by default?

I supposed that would also work.
But to explain myself better, as I think my first post came off pretty unclear: There would be an option in the settings wherein the user could type the percentage/use a slider to tell Krita how much to zoom in and out of each time the shortcuts are pressed. The default value could be the same as right now to avoid any problems.

Your idea is also very good, though, personally, I think allowing the user to choose instead of hardcoded values could be beneficial.

Hi @Rodrigo - When I read your suggestion I was wishing for the same thing. Then I remembered reading something in the manual.

I just tried Ctrl + space + drag and find it works really well. It’s so much better than the way I used to zoom in and out using + and -. I wonder if it would work for you as well.

Link to Zoom page in the Krita manual

Mmh, it appears it indeed is pretty nice and should do it for now. Not being able to use the dial for zooming is still a bummer, though. Regardless, thanks.

I’ll just hope this feature is at least considered for now.

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