Almost in Ponyville

Due to depression I don’t paint as much anymore, didn’t do anything for months but I managed to get this one finished quickly as a birthday gift for my boyfriend.

The work is about a pony version of my boyfriends character who is about to arrive in the town Ponyville known from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.


Depression can really suck the creativity out you - I’ve experienced that myself in the past. It’s encouraging that you can do this now though - I hope you can connect with some more positive feelings making and sharing this, and maybe build on that.

Thanks for posting! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wish. At this point I’d be glad to feel anything at all, and sharing my stuff usually ends in feelings of disappointment and despair when the pats on the head I crave for and need so much for self-validation fail to appear. But let’s not talk about my mental health, I’m just glad my boyfriend enjoys it. :3

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Well… we can talk about My Little Pony if you like - but I’m a bit out of the loop… :thinking:

Your rendering is nice by the way - you have a good sense of form and some nice colour variation apparent in places. It would be nice to see that pushed a bit further (e.g. a bit more green reflected off the grass etc.).

p.s. I don’t mind mental health talk - and I hope you have some support in place (i.e. counselling of some sort).