Alpine Rose

Alpine Rose - Final
by Kenny A. Chaffin
About 17 Hours
Painted in Krita from a reference photo

Brushes used: Pencil 2, Airbrush Soft, Charcoal pencil large, h) My Chalk Grainy, Charcoal 10 Willow BlockGrainy, DA 13 Pastel Blender Soft, Blender Blur, Blender Basic

#art #painting #digital #digitalpainting #Krita #mywork #myart #kacart


A less that usual viewpoint. It looks good :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you and thanks to the photographer for the image/view.

Oh my gosh, that’s beautiful. :sunflower:

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fyi, here’s a photo I took of a neighbor’s rose (from the front :slight_smile: ) I believe it is the same type of rose. Maybe I’ll do another one…:slight_smile: