Always specify a license when sharing your work

We would urge you to choose a license while sharing your artwork here on Even if it is proprietary license please mention that below the image. For other licenses you can go here and choose a license. For example If I choose my artwork to be under this license. I would write it as “License: CC BY 4.0” under my artwork.

Not writing anything under your artwork would mean that it is proprietary and nobody can use or share it. Which is also fine.

If you work is a collaboration or remix of somebody others work, please provide proper attribution and credits to the collaborator or author.

If you want to keep the license as proprietary want to allow Krita Foundation to use it for Promotion of Krita on Krita website with attribution to you, you should specify that under the artwork.

Soon we will be creating tags for various CC-BY licenses so that you can tag your artworks accordingly.

Any suggestions and advice are welcome from the community.


I always put a small CC-BY-NC-ND or a CC-BY-NC-SA on all of my uploads. Pictures often get shared without the full page they are embedded in, and then the license information would be lost if only in the description.

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Yeah that is another way of specifying license.

One should also mention that it’s possible to embed the license along with other metadata into the file (File -> Document Information) and when exporting the kra file as png one can select “Store Metadata”. This goes nicely with “Sign with author data”. There are very few sites that actually use metadata though but it has some use when sharing works with clients.

Unfortunately krita doesn’t read metadata back in. Editing a png with metadata will strip the data off the file.

Unfortunately, I never thought about licenses. A lot of questions stump me. Now I don’t know if I have the right to put “study work” made in “stop frame” of my favorite music videos… Is it important that the images have already been posted on social networks?.. Hypothetically, having created an image in Krita, can I sell printed copies of the image through profile sites?(machine translation)
to study

The images you create in Krita are yours Krita does not restrict you or impose any license on the artwork created from it. If the artwork is original and nobody else owns it then you can post it anywhere I think. Krita does not interfere in this regard.