An Enchanted Encounter

The warmth of day and chill of twilight brings the season of summer appeal. Under this fine moonlight, forest spirit Kiki greets a newcomer of petite stature and luxurious hair. Together they’ll take a spiritual and artistic journey~

I wanted to draw an illustration with a story where the viewer decides the what will happen :slight_smile: maybe Leon takes Kik’s hand…or runs away :star_struck:


Initial Draft

  • Krita (made 100% in Krita)
  • Various brushes including grass stamps, brush with flow & opacity, and shape fill.
  • Layering similar to working with paint (build up).
  • The Krita and Huion logo is located on the stone lantern. The direction of Krita’s icon was a deliberate choice for composition.

Inspiration and References
My desire to visit Shinto shrines in Japan and appreciation of cool summer nights manifested into this illustration. Style wise, I drew inspiration from Studio Ghibli and my past artworks done with gouache/pastels.


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High Resolution of Illustration

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