An Idea for Krita, about the Scammers

Yeah, I just recently saw this. This is a huge oof. The Krita team does not deserve this.

But since the scammers are striking back, I have a solution. It might not be useful now, but I do want to mention it for safety.

This is Pierogi, a man behind a well-known channel named “Scammer Payback”. Pierogi receives links from viewers/victims that link to scammer websites, and starts to call the scammers as an impersonated old man/woman for scammer bait.
As the scammers talk Pierogi through the process of the scam, Pierogi asks questions about the scammer he’s talking to, taunting them to accidentally expose themselves, revealing where the scams are coming from.
Most scammers he talks to also speak a different language to talk behind their back, but it doesn’t affect Pierogi. He studied their language so he can understand them, becoming a pro at exposing and taking scammers down.
He also has the power to hack into the scammer’s computer, deleting files and uncovering mysteries behind the recent scamming through a third-party program that scammers use to contact the victim.

He has collabed with many Youtubers, recently Mark Rober, designer of the Glitterbomb, in which Pierogi/Scammer Payback has helped him set up to scare off porch pirates during a Christmas video back in 2020/2021.

Does anyone think this is a good idea? I’ve got all I need to cover on this guy. I want to help the Krita team, even if this solution isn’t worth it.

Scammers are :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

But hacking scammers computers, deleting files and doing things on a remote computer is not legal and not the right way to fix a problem. Even if it’s computer of a scammer.

It’s not the far-west, you just can’t do justice by yourself.



If you can get at lists of victims and prevent further crimes against them I don’t see a problem with hacking scammers’ computers, whether it’s legal or not.

However, this is not something anyone should attempt unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Not all scammers are stupid and several scam baiters have been scammed themselves even though they are experts in the field.

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