Android - Popup Pallette icon on toolbar?

I was thinking about the popup pallette on the Android version and saw that the popup pallette could be triggered from the toolbar but it’s all in text and too long for the space. Maybe an icon could be made so that it would be displayed instead of text just like the other actions. (This would solve the SPen stylus button problem for tablets that cannot support the button click trigger, such as the S7 tablet – which only works every now and then).

Perhaps Krita-Artists could have a contest for the design of the Popup Pallette icon? That might be fun to do. :grin:
@sh-zam ?


Great idea. But also this

Same as your idea but need to stay press the icon to pop up the popup palette and if no longer press, the pop up palette immediately close. Same with the brush size, colour picker etc

The icon could be just a minimalist shape of pop up palette shape. So a big circle and inside it 4-5 circles, if u understand what i meant.

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Just like what sketchbook does

I like the idea for what the icon could look like, that’s what I was thinking about.

But like I said, if this were done, then tablet users wouldn’t have to worry about stylus compatibility at all, and not have any problems with trying to get it to work with a long press either.

But its quite weird, u say u use samsung tab s7, im using tab s7+ and never have problem in pressing spen button to show pop up palette, work smoothly all the time

I think CrazyCatBird use finger long press on screen to have “right click”, which will bring up popup palette. The “long press to right click on canvas” seems to not work well on 5.0
I have tab s7 and also have the problem.

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Yea the press finger thing i dont know how to do it in krita 5.0, but during beta 1 its still a bit of hit and miss and also quite a long hold.

I don’t see a problem in making more functions available to be set in the toolbar, i think it’s actually helpful when you can accesses the same things from multiple paths.

Though i think the behavior of the pop up palette would need to be slightly altered so it opens on a defined point other then where the mouse is if we put a button for it.

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If you’ve set Canvas Input Settings to show popup palette for stylus button click, then I’d expect this to work smoothly as long as you’ve disabled the OS’s s-pen click actions (I don’t remember the exact name).

But yes, this idea seems sound too.

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Also if you do use the stylus spen button, point the spen to the tablet screen, not up to the air for it to function. If you point it up, the spen air function that is working. Cause mine works smoothly.

Thank you for replying.

The trouble with disabling the SPen’s sub menu is that certain functions can only be accessed using it and if that’s disabled, the user loses that function (such as the scrolling screenshot, which can capture an entire scrolling webpage.)

That’s a fair point. I tested there are some apps where air commands don’t show up, but I’ll have to check what makes that possible, thanks!

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