Android Spen Configureable shortcut

what i would like to see is the ability to go into the S pen configuration and assign a key press to the side button on the s pen. there’s a menu where you can assign functions to the spen in the configuration menu (though to my knowledge NONE of those configurations do anything on a tablet like mine, an s6 lite, and only work on the more expensive model with gestural controls). i would like to see a ‘set default key’ field where people can set it to another mouse click, or a letter such as e (ESPECIALLY e…)

I am a long time fan of Krita. I think it is powerful and does everything I need it to. And i was super excited when it came out on android, especially since i’d just bought a new samsung tablet to be able to draw on the go. Krita had some flaws on android, but it’s gotten better. a lot better. in fact i’d say there’s only one thing that makes krita a pain. the way it assigns hotkeys. with only the touch screen and exactly two buttons, what those two buttons are is extremely important. for me, I /need/ to be able to set that side button to the toggle to and from the eraser. even with the new changes to be able to toggle in and out of canvas only mode with a four tap on the screen, it’s far too much of a hassel to shift my grip on the tablet, tap four fingers to the screen, click the eraser, erase what i need, click the eraser toggle again, and then fourtap. it breaks my workflow, and it’s breaking my workflow repeatedly. every few minutes i need to erase something, or even more often, sometimes several times a minute.

but the spen’s side button is set to a middle mouse click. which means that it cant be assigned to anything useful. or what i’d consider useful at least, proper hotkeys. maybe some people like the middle mouse click, think there’s a reason for it. and i dont think that should be taken away perse. but i do think that being able to change what it represents would be a good idea. it’s a far bigger issue than any other part of the mobile ui in my opinion. and i have to imagine i’m not the only person who feels this way. i can already pan my view with my fingers, being able to do so with the side click is a wasted key for me, and it could be a key accelerating my workflow. and the frustration this causes, being unable to quickly erase, drives me to not use the program at all on my android. fix this and i’d be able to animate on my couch, squeeing like a little girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know anything about Krita on Android, and I’m not sure if you’re talking about a configuration in Krita settings or something about or the S-Pen configuration on android… :thinking:

pinging @sh-zam who might be the best here to give you an answer about feasibility or not to improve things for touche/S-Pen settings on Android


Thanks for the ping Grum999!

Looks like there’s a wishbug for the same post, I’ve answered it here: 444939 – samsung spen hard-coded buttons :slight_smile: